Keyboard redux (and a mouse too…)

Well, the keyboard showed up last week, what a disappointment. I knew going into it that it was a refurbished item, presumably refurbed by Microsoft as it is their hardware. But when I got it the “N” key required about 4x the pressure of the other keys to register the keystroke.

I kept having thoughts about the “ANY” key not working right… Way too many years of end user tech support.

Sadly they made me pay for the return RMA shipping (another $15) and won’t cross ship the new keyboard, even with a UPS tracking number. So right now this keyboard is at $45 in total cost and at least three weeks post purchase to ownership (minimum, I’ll keep you posted on total length to ownership…). I should have bought a new one for $50 and been done with it.

As a bonus we found that we had a few extra dollars in the bank account. A very unexpected surprise as we usually have not enough in the account. So I splurged and ordered a Razer Krait and ExactMat from TigerDirect. They’ll be here on Thursday!

I think this will start my first foray into hacking. As we all know, Razer is suspiciously absent in their Linux support, so I’ll be trying to hack Razertool to work with the Krait.

Stay tuned for the progress…


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