The next President and Linux

I just stumbled upon this rather interesting blog.

I’m not only a techie, but I’m also a bit of a watcher of politics. I think it’s interesting to note that of all of the currently registered candidates, 57% of them are using FOSS (48% Linux, 9% FreeBSD) to run their campaign web sites. More interesting (and boringly predictable) is the ratio when divided by party:

Democratic Candidates: 90% FOSS (70% Linux, 30% FreeBSD), 10% Windows

Republican Candidates: 69% Windows, 31% Linux (No Republicans are using FreeBSD).

So who’s the standout Democrat that blew the trend? It’s Hillary of course!

Actually, I can’t blame her, if asked if she knew which operating system and web server her campaign was running the response would likely be, “I can’t answer that question, I would have to refer you to my IT planning committee.” Likely followed by “Are you serious, there are nutjobs out there that CARE if I use Windows for my website? Wait… are they a constituency?”


One Response to The next President and Linux

  1. Tel says:

    Remember that it’s the interest groups that drive the candidate, not the other way around. Although Hillary personally doesn’t understand every detail of the machinery that she sits on top of — still the nature of that machinery shows through to those who do notice the details. Gives some clues as to who is behind the scenes driving the Hillary campaign. There’s a list of donations here:

    If you look only at donations over 10k, you see Microsoft on the list and Oracle and Cisco (i.e. traditional proprietary IT companies) but you also see Google.

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