Warsow 0.31 released

Warsow 0.31 has been released. Had it not been for this post I would never have known about Warsow. I’m a closet gamer, and not much of one either. My relatively archaic 2004 box is an AthlonXP 3200 (2.16 Ghz) with 512 megs of RAM and a GForce 6200 256 meg AGP 4x. That’s right – a trip in the way back machine to AGP 4x!

Thanks for the heads up at Phoronix!

Warsow is OpenGL based on the Qfusion engine which is an update of the GPL Quake 2 engine and runs natively in Linux. It’s fast, it’s clean and it’s hell of a lot of fun! The weapons take some getting used to, but for free/Free gaming, especially on low to mid power machines, it can’t be beat!

It’s so good that it’s already included in the Cyberathlete Amateur League.


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