OpenGL in your Virtual Machine is here!

Several Virtual Machine developers have been promising OpenGL support for their VM’s in future releases. Well, the future is now thanks to Open Source programming with VMGL

From their site:

OpenGL apps running inside a Virtual Machine (VM) can use VMGL to take advantage of graphics hardware acceleration. VMGL can be used on VMware guests, Xen HVM domains (depending on hardware virtualization extensions) and Xen paravirtual domains, using XVnc or the virtual framebuffer. Although we haven’t tested it, VMGL should work for qemu, KVM, etc. VMGL is available for X11-based guest OS’s: Linux, FreeBSD and OpenSolaris. Finally, VMGL is GPU-independent: we support ATI, Nvidia and Intel GPUs.

Not really that interesting you say? I disagree – because this is open source and cross platform it means that we won’t necessarily be stuck with only one or two choices of VM software to support GL based apps. This is one of the final barriers to virtualized computing in my rather humble opinion…


One Response to OpenGL in your Virtual Machine is here!

  1. bobonthecob says:

    Awesome Just what I needed? Me thinks!

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