You have to be kidding me!

July 28, 2007

I found this little gem linked on slashdot…

Cyberterrorists that blow up vans? Oh my effing god I love how Fox perceives the news!

Where do I even begin to describe who wrong this is to normal people who don’t understand technology but use it every day?


President Bush Pardons H. Lewis Libby

July 2, 2007

This New York Times article along with every major US news organization is carrying this story. How in the hell did Bush come to terms with the fact that a man the US Supreme Court would have left in jail actually did no wrong and doesn’t deserve just punishment? Nah, it’s because President Bush thinks the jail term is “excessive.” Apparently The President and the Supreme Court have differing opinions.

Oh wait, I know why – it’s because Lewis Libby was a frigging patsy, a fall guy for the administration – more specifically a fall guy for Carl Rove (who remains above the law and is NOT a member of the US Government). Libby was innocent all along and Bush’s conscience got the better of him. That’s all I can come up with.

What a week in Washington: first the Vice President declares that he is not a member of the Executive Branch of the US Government which marries nicely with his “Executive Privilege” clause on on not releasing members of the Energy Task Force because he IS a member of the Executive Branch.

This is ridiculous.

The next President and Linux

June 28, 2007

I just stumbled upon this rather interesting blog.

I’m not only a techie, but I’m also a bit of a watcher of politics. I think it’s interesting to note that of all of the currently registered candidates, 57% of them are using FOSS (48% Linux, 9% FreeBSD) to run their campaign web sites. More interesting (and boringly predictable) is the ratio when divided by party:

Democratic Candidates: 90% FOSS (70% Linux, 30% FreeBSD), 10% Windows

Republican Candidates: 69% Windows, 31% Linux (No Republicans are using FreeBSD).

So who’s the standout Democrat that blew the trend? It’s Hillary of course!

Actually, I can’t blame her, if asked if she knew which operating system and web server her campaign was running the response would likely be, “I can’t answer that question, I would have to refer you to my IT planning committee.” Likely followed by “Are you serious, there are nutjobs out there that CARE if I use Windows for my website? Wait… are they a constituency?”