Razer Boomslang Returns!

Razer has announced that the Boomslang is coming back, this time in an optical version with their trademark green glow feature. It will initially only be available to those going to Dreamhack 2007, which judging by the website, is some sort of Swedish gamers convention (I don’t read swedish, so I can’t really tell…). I don’t expect they’ll have 10,000 Swedes gaming in a weekend so we can probably expect to see these available at high end boutiques and websites not long after.

They are calling it the Boomslang Collectors Edition 2007 Titanium.


The Razer Boomslang was the first “gamers mouse”. They had two versions, the 1000 and the 2000. The model number indicated at what DPI they were scanning. These were still oldschool though – they used balls instead of fancy lasers or IR sensors. Actually the tech was cool, the ball spun wheels that were observed by optics. These optics scanned at 1000/2000 dpi rather than then then standard mouse’s 400 dpi electro-mechanical systems.

The original Boomslangs – 1000 dpi on the left, 2000 dpi on the right

They were beastly in size but had some other cool features. They placed the ball at the back end of the mouse instead of the middle so that using it was more “flicking” with the fingertips and less “sliding” the mouse all around the surface. In fact the manual even suggested this was how the mouse was to be used. Wow – instructions on how to push a mouse around a surface!

One could only make some assumptions about the 2007 Edition as they haven’t released the specs on it yet…

  • The originals were a 5 button mouse – two main, one scroll, the scrollwheel and one on each side of the mouse in the “throat” area. The new ones, likely based on the same die that cut and molded the originals, could retain this configuration. Convenient actually, as the Death Adder (Razers newest mouse) is also a 5 button mouse – very little would have to change in the driver package.
  • The optical engine could be based on the Death Adder’s 3G 1800 dpi infrared engine. Conveninet again, for the same reason as above.

Seeing as how this is a 2007 “edition”, limited to only 10,000 units, one may also presume there will be other “editions” of this mouse. Hopefully there’s eventually a “I’m not a godlike ultra-rich uber-gamer” version that I might one day be able to afford. How many versions did they milk out of the Diamondback before they finally came up with the Copperhead?

I know I miss my Boomslang 2000 – I scrounged around for it for hours the other day after it got lost while cleaning up (and moving) after a house fire. I would gladly have put it back into service rather than getting a Razer Krait instead.



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