Ubuntu 7.10 release roadmap

The fine dev’s at Canonical have let out their plans for the next release of Ubuntu Linux. Ubuntu releases every 6 months with a new version number (and a cute and fuzzy nickname). The next release will be in October of 2007, version 7.10 (get the drift?) and will be named Gutsy Gibbon. What’s planned?

1. X Org 7.3 – it’s X, without the X configuration file! It will support hot swapping devices instead of forcing the user through static configurations. This will be a real boon to business people taking their show on the road – you’ll be able to pack up the laptop and leave the projector behind – use whatever is on the far side so long as it reports resolutions that X supports. This shouldn’t be a problem as the vast majority of lcd data projectors only support SVGA (1024×768). Hopefully they can figure out independant screen resolutions from the laptop and finally one up Microsoft and their terrible support of non-matching duplicate desktops!

2. Compiz-Fusion installed by default (on supportable systems). Some may recognize the name Compiz but what’s the Fusion? Why, none other than Beryl itself. Thats right folks, Beryl and Compiz have recombined after forking a few years back. Compiz runs silky smooth and Beryl has lots of very cool bells and whistles, hopefully bringing them back together gives us the best of both worlds! Some might not like the idea but you will be able to turn it off.

3. The option of using the Hildon UI for embedded and tablet devices. That’s right Tablet Linux users, Ubuntu loves you too!

4. Canonical has dedicated a separate dev team to Ubuntu Server. Expect to see lots of improvements to the server version soon!

But wait, there’s more… Aww heck, just go read it for yourselves, straight from the Gibbon’s moth.


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