Replacing a Miata Head Gasket – Intro

Last week, while on my way out to do some errands I was about 6 miles from home and my car started running on 2 cylinders and throwing a LOT of blue smoke. After some conversations with some friends on the Miatapower mailing list it was decided that I blew my head gasket. What follows is a log of the work on said head gasket.

Here’s the Day 1 update!

The car is a 1990 Mazda Miata. A very early 1990, built in May of 1989 with a vin in the upper 4000’s. For those not familiar with Miatae, 1990 was the first production year. I like to refer to this car as a “pre-homologation” special.

One of the known issues with these cars is what Mazda referred to as the Light Weight Sport Crank (LWSC). I am intrinsically nervous about working in, on, around or generally even glancing in the vicinity of the nose of my crank. At this point I have pulled the head (and thus all of the pulleys on the nose of the crank) but the timing belt pulley is still on the car – yes, I AM that chickenshit…


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