Razer Krait First Impressions

My Razer Krait showed up today and I’ve been using it for a few hours now so I thought I would share my first impressions of it.

am specifically NOT going to review it in the standard “gee whiz bang new gaming mouse” fashion. I really don’t think you care what exactly the box looks like, I know I didn’t – you only look at the box for a second, then open it and toss it aside anyway. Nor do I care to have an itemized list of items included – every piece of hardware comes with a generic instruction book and a driver install CD.

Do you really need pictures? Then look at the link above…

Here’s what I find important – fit, finish, feel, functionality and ‘formance…

GimpShop Review Part I

As with most Windows to Linux converts I soon learned that there are certain applications that I seem to not be able to live without, and unfortunately there are not Linux versions of these same apps. Some that come to mind include WinAmp and Photoshop. I’ll talk about WinAmp later, for now, lets talk Photoshop.

By Photoshop I, of course, mean Adobe’s Photoshop.

As an alternative, Ubuntu comes with a free (as in beer) image manipulation program called GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation Program. By “comes with” I mean that it is installed automatically when you install Ubuntu. So I gave it a try. Boy was that ever an exercise in futility for a long time Photoshop user. Everything was in different places, things were done differently and the learning curve appeared to be quite steep with less than stellar results. But it was there and it was free, and I thought that if I was going to embrace Linux, I better step up to the plate and live the life. And it hurt!

Enter GIMPShop

For the complete Part I of this review click here!

GimpShop Review Part II

Yesterday we were talking about GimpShop and comparing it to Photoshop in a usability and functionality aspect. I showed you how to make a logo the “wrong” way and as promised I will now show you how to make it the “right” way.

To be honest, there are many different methods to accomplish the same end result in most photo editing programs. As I explained about drop shadows being the same item that was offset with a blur filter and a touch of transparency, these are two different methods (drop shadow script and manually editing) to accomplish the same thing. I’m sure some of the more experience Photoshop users out there will agree with this point.

For the complete Part II of this review click here!

GimpShop Review – Part III

Previously we looked at taking a pretty generic Ubuntu logo and adding a color gel shadowing effect to the humans portion of the logo and a basic dropshadow for the text. We were looking at this in an effort to cover some of the versatility and ability of GimpShop as compared to the king of all photo editing software – Adobe’s Photoshop.

The end result that I promised included an inverted reflection of the logo as if it were sitting over a mirror or body of water. Today we will cover how to do just that.

For the complete Part III of this review click here


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