Gimp and Gimpshop Tips, Tricks and Tutorials on the web

I wrote a brief 3 page review/tutorial on Gimpshop as a method of introducing it as a free/Free alternative to Adobe’s Photoshop a month ago. As we all do, I am constantly learning, both by my experience (and mistakes) and by others experience and thought I would consolidate the various GIMP/GimpShop T3 (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials) I find as I look for answers.

This page gets between 30 to 50 hits a day. If there is something you are looking for and not finding, or if you want to pimp your own tutorial, post it on up!


As they like to say, “The Ultimate GIMP resource and Community Forum.” I havn’t spent a lot of time here personally, but they do have a healthy forum and a large number of tutorials for some very interesting effects.


The GIMP Users Group (GUG) Tutorials page

This is the first stop any GIMP user should make for tutorials. Also includes a forum, FAQ, Gallery and boatloads of other stuff. Topics include drop shadows, bump mapping, glassy orbs and spheres, shapes, layer masks, text and some really cool effects like cellophane tape, fire and texturing (among others). Also included are tutorials on setting up Wacom and Aiptek tablets.


Gimp Plugins Registry

This is a text based web page with listings of a TON of GIMP plugins and Script-Fu scripts. Unfortunately it doesn’t include screenshots of the final results so you’ll have to download and try them out to see if you like them. They are categorized by which version of The GIMP the work with. Most likely you will want to look at the version 2.2 plugins…


Free Software Magazine Tutorial on making a web banner

It covers things like layers, transparencies, mechanical saturation/contrast, crop and text. I complained that the GIMP/GimpShop’s crop tool was poorly implemented but I was mistaken. What was poorly implemented was my knowledge of the software. As it turns out, the GIMP/GimpShop crop tool does exist as a standard tool and I learned about it in this tutorial.

_____________________________________________________ article about Photoshop plugins with the GIMP and GimpShop

They sum this one up better than I ever could:

Linux advocates are familiar with the refrain that would-be switchers in the graphic arts have to rely on Adobe Photoshop under Windows because it can do things that the GIMP can’t. An important but altogether different hurdle is the installed (and paid-for) base of often expensive third-party Photoshop plugins. But a solution to that problem might be easier than you think.


Hackergotchies (Avatars) in the GIMP from 

An ever popular hobbie of most photo-geeks is to use their own face as an avatar on thier favorite web forums. Look at this article to see how to do it yourself in The GIMP!


Bevel and Emboss in GIMP and GimpShop

This is a handy how-to on beveling and embossing in the GIMP. It covers things like layers, shapes, lighting, beveling and embossing. The tutorial is for “making plastic textures” but it the concepts covered apply in many other places with a little bit of imagination.


Single Image Stereogram with the GIMP, Blender and Stereograph under Linux

This is a more advanced tutorial on making a Single Image Stereogram (AKA Autostereogram) like this one the author did of three interlocking rings. It’s not quite as accurate as some of the professionally made items, but effective none-the-less.


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2 Responses to Gimp and Gimpshop Tips, Tricks and Tutorials on the web

  1. Dave says:

    Hi I just downloaded a copy and after looking through the menus was satisfied that this program was what I was looking for.. However I dont have the basic instructions that I need to get started such as how to cut and paste, flatten the image or even change the colour for that matter in fact all I seem to be able to do is use shades of grey or black with different brushes.. I have used photoshop before and could use it reasonably.. So then Im not sure if I have a corrupte d version or if im overlooking something..

  2. psyopper says:

    It may be corrupted, try reinstalling it. Or better, try installing an original copy of The GIMP to rule out any other problems.

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